Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Eating Omaha...Benson Brewery

Last night, Christian took us out to thank us for his party last Friday. I admit it was a lot of work since Brenda got up before me on Saturday and that never happens. Never. I was exhausted but in a good way.

Benson is a sleepy little part of Omaha, a small town unto itself that is rife with shops and eateries that are now catering to the hipster and young adult crowd. Coffee shops, head shops and some very nice restaurants, this being one of them.  All home brews and gastro pub specialities. We all ordered the exact same thing, a burger with Blue Cheese and Bacon Jam on a brioche bun. The handmade patty was perfectly medium as ordered and a perfect fit to the bun. Very tasty, the fries super crispy and delicious. We have a fried pickle appetizer with a very crisp coating and a forgettable sauce.

Slow crowd for a Monday so great time to go for attentive service and a quieter meal. 

I had a lighter blonde ale as I don't like hopps at all and Christian had the darker side of the menu. It was rich and tasted of coffee and a hint of chocolate. All in all a great evening with the kids. Thanks guys.

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