Monday, August 3, 2015

Busy weekend

Fresh from the oven, crispy and chewy

Lemon Blackberry Gin and Tonic

Christian and Mackenzie, all smiles
We were fortunate enough to host the Fangman's this weekend as they kindly attended Mackenzie's going a way soiree at Emily's house.

I light of that I had made some baguettes to use for hoagie fixings for lunch. Later in the day we snacked on grilled brats and antipasto salad.  We enjoyed a cocktail on the patio. Best friends ever.

Christian showed up unexpectedly on Saturday to be there for the divine Miss M and everyone was caught off guard. So nice to see him there.

After the Fangman's left on Sunday we went to Bob and Kim's Garden Party, a yearly event but this year on their 35th anniversary. Funny we have known them everyone of those 35 years plus a few more I believe. We met at our first apartment and have stayed in touch over the year and we love them like family. 

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