Sunday, August 7, 2011

The kitchen is officially closed.....

I am in complete withdrawl here. It will probably be 2 weeks or so. We removed all the cabinet doors, handles and hinges. Wiped everything down, sanded and cleaned up the incredible amount of dust. Threw away a ton of stuff that was outdated or pushed to the back. Now the real work begins with 3 coats of primer and paint and then the walls and trim. After that, the floor company can refinish the floors and replace the bit the wall  removal left empty.  Wow. I am tired already but Brenda did most of the work.

There are 30 cabinet doors and 10 or 15 drawers. It's a mess. After 25 years or so of grime and grease, even the hinges were filthy. We thought we were cleaning the surfaces regularly but you don't think about hinges. They all came off to be replaced and each door had to numbered to its coresponding place in the kitchen so everything goes back to it's original spots.  Can't wait for that fresh white clean look again. Now is the time to organize everything. So this is what the painter wanted $3700 for? It was almost worth it but we are saving a ton of $$$.

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