Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Past, Game Day wings and regrets.....

Game day wings...had to work but not suffer! Brenda brought these to the Fangman's to watch the game and I took some to work for a little potluck. Some great stuff going on at work but had to be there most of the day.

The dinner gotta love Rhodes.
So the day has come and gone and I have nary a photo to display. The dinner was good, the gravy fantastic and the turkey, moist and brown. Those of you who do not brine are missing out mightly. Just a 1/4 cup of sugar and salt in 4 cups of water and soak that poultry for a night (if it's big like a turkey) or a few hours if it's a chicken or breasts.

Sadly, there is very little leftover and I am still hankering for turkey. I have a few more breasts in the freezer so I may have to indulge once more. After all the meat is low fat and I do have a bit of gravy left.

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