Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Denich Family Christmas Tradition....Stromboli

This time of year it seems I have to make this traditional bread or sandwich or whatever....I am not sure what to call it. I usually make my own bread dough but when I make this much, I just use a whole package of Rhodes Frozen Bread. I bake about 5 loaves or so to take to Brenda's folks for Christmas dinner sometime after the first of the year. I am not sure why I only make this for Christmas now. Its not really all that Christmasy but here goes:

So to start, you need some dough rolled into large rectangles. To this I add a sprinkling of Italian spices, garlic salt and pepper. A sprinkle of olive oil then a layer of thin sliced pepperoni topped with provolone cheese. Roll it all up nice a tight, pinch and seal, allow it to puff up a bit then bake till golden brown. Chewy, melty, a little greasy (in a good way) and filling. Hard to let it alone though once you start.

Last year, the deli gal did not remove the casing from the pepperoni. I really did not notice till we served it and it seemed as though everyone had a good flossing with each bite. (gross) This year I made sure to remind the deli who looked at me like I was stupid. Whatever.

Rolled out and spiced

pepperoni and cheese

Awaiting their turn in the oven

A tasty center

1 pkg of Rhodes dough, thawed and risen. (5 loaves)
1 pound of sandwich pepperoni (make sure the casing is removed before they slice it)
1 pound of thin sliced provolone cheese
2 T Italian seasoning, 1 t garlic salt, 1 t pepper
A few good glugs of good olive oil

Roll out each loaf separately. Sprinkle with seasoning, layer pepperoni, cheese then sprinkle with oil. Roll up tight, pinch ends and seam. Lay seam side down. Allow to puff up a bit (20 minutes) while oven is heating to 350.  Bake on non stick or sprayed pan for 20-30 mins till golden. Allow to cool a bit before slicing.

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