Monday, April 22, 2013

Off Topic discussion...Upholstery

So in the last few months, we sold our kitchen set and painted our old Farm table black. In the meantime we have been sitting in close to a hundred chairs searching for the perfect sit in case we would linger at the table, post feast.  We needed two upholstered chairs and 4 wooden ones. The search has been long and hard but finally we found the upholstered chairs at Marshall's by chance. They were not the right color but the price was right and they were comfortable.
Note the carpet limits fabric choices.

I convinced my lovely bride that recovering would not be an issue but was prepared to eat those words as I took the first chair apart. (I took the chance that if I only wasted one by my ineptness we would only be out $100.

Finding the perfect fabric was a bit of a challenge as we had differing ideas on color and style. I wanted a bolder colorful fabric, forgetting that we had a patterned rug under the chair that clashed with all my ideas. My wife was more conservative and we finally agreed on the fabric shown below. The problem, when we left the store to ruminate, someone bought the bolt. I found it in Kansas and had it shipped to our JoAnn's fabric store. when it arrived last week, the game was afoot. It took pretty much all evening to remove the current covering without damage to use a pattern and then paint the legs black to match the table.

I finally brought the painted frame in and started the laborious process of recovering. I learned a lot about construction and tricks used to shape the fabric to the frame from taking the old chair apart. While not exactly 100%, it does not look half bad. Slipcovers would have been so nice but the shape of the chairs prohibited a tight fit. This resulted in a nice tight fit and shaping by sewing tabs to seam between the seat and back portion and pulling them tight through the frame. Next is the application of the backing with tacks.

Added the furniture nail trim
Fresh and clean

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