Friday, April 26, 2013

Plaki by a Xeno

Every year the church has a Palm Sunday feast of a Greek classic Psari Plaki. I have told the story before of how I was coerced into making the sauce and dinner one year but the following years I have only agreed to make the sauce. The dinner feeds about 100 people and is a free will donation.Sadly this year I won't even be in town as I leave for a Florida work education meeting for the rest of the week.

So a few months ago I bragged about my love for a new pot I found at TJMaxx. It holds a cool 5 gallons and this is the first time I was able to use it. I was able to saute 15 pounds of onions and 6 pounds of celery without a hitch. Stirring was a Herculean task but I also found a large paddle and some reserve muscle.

One very big pot

18 quarts of sauce
Once I added all the canned tomatoes and sauces and wine, it took off rather nicely and came to a lovely boil without scorching. I stirred it a lot which helped and also the pot sported a very heavy bottom which probably helped more. The sauce is heavenly and now packaged for delivery Saturday morning when we have the Lazarus Saturday service at church.  It made 18 + quarts.  The recipe is on the blog.

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