Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A few days off

I took Thursday thru Monday off at work and just hung about. Mackenzie and I went shopping at a local salvage yard where her friend Emily met us. We later scoured the local antique store in her neighborhood looking for nothing in particular.

Friday I met the challenge for the Bitten Word project and Ben enjoyed some of the results (see the previous post on Skate Schnitzel) and then Ben and I caught a show. We met Mackenzie again at Shuck's for a bit of happy hour Oysters and fried goodies and then everyone went home. My lovely bride was working late so I just vegged out for the afternoon.

Saturday was a day of grocery shopping and picking up needed item for the dinner I am preparing tonight for Brenda's work meeting. The ladies are gathering at our home for a dinner and conversation while I apparently am going to cook and serve for them.  We ran all over Omaha first stopping at Trader Joe's to pick up the majority of needed items.

Sunday I cooked ribs and chicken for the boys and my Mom and we made a day of it after church.

Monday we spent the whole morning out in the yard and cleaning up what should have been done ages ago. At 4 we headed to good friends, the Bistos and had a lovely meal with all their family. They served a nice Mediterranean supper and Brenda had made some desserts. it was really tasty and Dora sent me home leftovers for lunch today.

Now I need a few days off to recover from all the activity from the last few days.

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