Friday, August 30, 2013

The Bitten Word Bon Appetit Challenge

I submitted my name for a blog assignment from the Bitten Word guys that required us to make a recipe from the most current Bon Appetit Magazine. All the recipes in the issue were handed out and I got the Skate Wing Schnitzel.
Living here in Omaha, Skate Wing is not something we see on menus nor do I ever see it in the market albeit, the Asian Market might have it but my deadline was short so I made Flounder Fillet Schnitzel.


Here is a link to the recipe and I have to admit it was quite tasty. Ben was over just in the nick of time as he stopped to pick up some capers for me. The portions I made were gone in a flash luckily after I took photos for the assignment.

Here they are:

Crispy with just the right amount of acidity and buttery goodness

So flaky and delicious

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