Saturday, August 3, 2013

Eating Omaha...Five Spice

After the movie last night it was getting on in the evening and I was starved. Now, usually my young bride does not care for Chinese but I must have hit the sweet spot because she relented. Our favorite quickie spot has been re owned and we didn't have a carry out menu so we opted to eat in. The design and decor has not changed a bit but...the food.

Brenda went off road and ordered Curried Chicken. I had a Firecracker Beef dish. Standard fare with rice and 2 crab Rangoon's. But oh my, how fresh and delicious it all was. The Curried Chicken had sweet pieces of carrot, onion and water chestnut in a redolent sauce spiced heavily with yellow curry. Brenda said it was great but she would definitely like it with all veggies or at least more green veggies. My dish had seared beef in a rich spicy gravy with broccoli, snow peas and baby corn. It was like they just picked the veggies. This place has really upped the game and it was only $6.95 per entree. So good.

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