Sunday, October 20, 2013

Back from Mexican Nirvana

All year we look forward to that week we spend at our favorite resort in Mexico. This past week we achieved our ultimate relaxation and forgot everything going on at home for a brief period. Our batteries are recharged and we are ready to face another year.

Things have not changed much in Mexico. The staff is still friendly, the food excellent and the service is even better but this year we went with some special friends and just had the best time. They are our kind of folks. Laid back, chatty and relish alone time as well as together time. A match made in heaven. We sampled lots of different foods. Had way too much to drink. Enjoyed the bands and sultry Mexican evenings. Mat is very outgoing so we met lots of other folks too. We laughed a lot. Never ate breakfast together, sometimes ate lunch together and always had dinner together. We are so fortunate to have such great friends that are more like family to us (I believe Brenda and Lori are sisters on some level).

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