Monday, November 4, 2013

The Husker Virgin

So for all the years I have lived in Nebraska, I have never attended a Husker Football game. It just never came up I guess. My Dad was a huge fan but rarely attended actual games.  I know all kinds of zealots and fans and season ticket holders but no one has ever asked us to go till last week. Our friends Bob and Kim Kropp we have known for 35 years or so. We shared an apartment complex with them in the early days before we were married and have been friends ever since although we rarely see them as much as we like, they are a very busy couple.
Bob and Kim Kropp and us.

When the opportunity arose to take advantage of some extra tickets and a drive to Memorial Stadium with them as well as spend a great few hours with them, we jumped at the chance. Mackenzie and Nicholas were also included so we made it a family affair. We brought a boatload of snacks and fluids.

Since I am a Husker Virgin, I had a few surprises and realizations in store for me. The crowd was amazing and dense. It was literally a sea of red with the occasional Northwestern purple thrown in. It was really loud, really loud, I shut my hearing aids off.  There is a lot, A LOT, of excitement in Lincoln for these games and it's infectious. Season ticket holders have almost permanent "neighbors" love 'em or hate 'em. The seats are really uncomfortable, not much you can add to that but I would think twice about attending games when I could lay on my couch and have excellent snacks at home.

The concessions were cheap. Really cheap. I was expecting some grand stadium prices but got instead, High School football prices, $3 for a dog, really? I'll have two.

Missing Benny who had other plans today.

The game was awesome and one of a kind that we just happened to be there at the right time, did not leave early as some did, and caught an amazing Hail Mary play that cinched the game. The crowd was deafening, excited, laughing, crying and generally amazed. Our hosts were lovely as they always are and it makes us wistful that we don't see them more but we had a great time, a great ride and a day of fun and excitement that you could not have predicted. Thanks again guys. We love you!

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