Thursday, September 10, 2015

Art Collecting Weekend

We were invited to a Pottery Show in Ft. Calhoun this past weekend. I was looking forward to a nice drive in the country and some great woks of art. We were not disappointed and I wound up purchasing a nice piece for the house. I have been interested in the last few years to add some Art pieces to our house and this would be my first  major purchase.

It's a rather large vase with a horse theme lid. The artist, Pam Daly was present (the show was at her home) and explained the significance of the horses (therapy for having to put hers down after 30 years) and the work was impressive and fit with our general ambiance.  I was a potter at one time in college and fondly recall the High Fire 'parties' we held as we fired up the Raku kiln once or twice a year and made a grand day of it. It was hot, sweaty and exhilarating work with the occasional disappointment as a piece imploded upon impact with the damp straw or whatever burnable medium we fired with.  Pam was kind enough to show me around and let us see the kilns and talk about firings. The ladies were bored to tears I am sure but didn't let on.

We met some nice folks, looked at a lot of great art and admired a beautiful country home. I was tripping down memory lane and Brenda...well not so much but its always wonderful to spend time together anywhere we go.


  1. Tom - thought you were tagging me on something last weekend, Pottery and Fort Calhoun... never could get the page to open ? -- Anyway, Pam and I go way back - I have many pieces of her art, it is beautiful - and I also have a large vase with a horse head and flying mane! I enjoy her creations daily ( no pun intented !) - I am sure that you will enjoy the addition to your home! Hello to Brenda! Louann

    1. Ya know I was gonna tag you but I thought you'd think I was silly. Really nice piece and a lovely lady. all my buddies were working the show for her so we had to go. Saw all the kilns and we talked Raku firings. So much fun.

  2. Tommy-I also have a few pieces of Pam's beautiful work! None so extravagant as in the picture and the anonymous letter before me, but cherished nonetheless!! I believe we share excellent taste in potters!! Hi to Miss Pam and Love to both of you Deniches! Deb



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