Thursday, October 22, 2015

It's That Time of Year!

Time to stuff those pie pumpkins! From savory fillings to sweet ones, use a pumpkin to deliver a treat to a football party or anything that requires a side or dessert. These little babies from Jill's brother's farm were stuffed with Italian sausage, bacon and leeks. A good dose of cheese and a bit of cream topped off the filling. These are not baked yet but they took a good hour at 325 to get the shells edible soft.

I was considering expanding this to perhaps a cheesecake filling if I can find a way to treat the pumpkin flesh and make it a bit more sweet so off to the test kitchen! I am thinking a brown sugar crust with butter? Yum.

How about Bread pudding? Yes,  please! With a bit of Creme Anglaise to pour on top? No one says no to that, especially with a bit caramel sauce in it.

Endless possibilities, lucky the pumpkin crop was plentiful this year.

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