Monday, October 26, 2015

Saturday Company and a Duck...

On Saturday after another devastating defeat for the Huskers, we entertained Nick and Jill for dinner. I actually had a hard time coming up with something then thought about those ducks I bought after season last year. I thawed one out and looked up some recipes and how to's before I set about roasting.

I was surprised that most recipes boil the duck for 10 minutes before roasting. It tightened the skin and after being allowed to dry out, made for a very crispy duck. Roasting is kind of a chore with a oven temp, timer changes and multiple turns on the duck  it came out very moist and crispy so totally worth it. Perfectly cooked too. While I did not use the included packet of Orange Sauce, it was actually quite tasty and I could see basting the bird with it then serving it as a side. I am thinking of a little Siracha and soy added to it maybe.

I served it all with a side of mashed reds and broccolini with truffle butter. Overall a very tasty meal but the duck really only serves 3 at best and knowing Brenda would not touch it, I made her a roasted chicken breast.

So, I am no longer a duck virgin and would consider this again (domestic duck of course). My next great minor adventure is airline chicken breasts. I am fascinated with this old school cut so whole chickens, I am coming at you.  Fangman's need to plan a visit so I have an excuse to cook.

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