Monday, November 30, 2015

Eating Omaha...LoLo's Chicken and Waffles

I don't know what caught my eye about the TV spot I saw for this joint but it sounded like a place we would try with the Fangman's. We saw them Saturday night and reconnected for dinner at our house and had a great visit. Love them.

At the Thanksgiving table I happened to mention the LoLo's ad and the family made plans to meet with our kids on Sunday. Wow, great little place and the food was unbelievable. Brenda was tried of hearing about me rave about the collard greens but everything was a hit.

We were not shy about this at all. We ordered the feast for 6 for the five of us and we had plenty left over. I think we carried out as much food as we ate and we took a plate to Mackenzie who was working.

The chicken was superb. Everything you want fried chicken to be, crisp and crunchy. The meat was delicate and tender. The sides we tried hit the right notes too. we are not used to eating grits, so found those a bit bland but the fried okra, slaw and greens were amazing. Definitely a spot we will hit again, especially on a Sunday afternoon. 

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