Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What Do You Buy a Cook?

So for Christmas, why waste your time with silly, non functional gifts? What do you buy the cook? The real cook, the everyday cook?  Or that non sports guy, who has eclectic tastes and odd likes?

Lately I have been following posts regarding this, I have not really expressed any desire for myself in this regard but any of these items would make my top ten list:

I have a lot of cookbooks but I follow and really like this guy. He writes Serious Eats and this is not so much about recipes as it is the science of cooking.  I always cook my hard boiled eggs according to these instructions and am never disappointed, same with soft boiled or poached. Love, love, love.

My delightful bride and I went shopping for a gift card at a local nursery, Mulhall's,  last weekend. Kind of a high end joint with a lot of great stuff in the gift portion of the shop. A lot.   One of the things I kinda smiled at was this little kit for flights. I don't usually imbibe on a plane but if I did this would be cool. Make your own craft cocktail in a TSA approved set up. How cool is that?  I would definitely buy this for Brenda if we were jetting off somewhere soon.

Tool & Garden Tote in Olive Twill - Garden / Tool tote in olive twill

Another eye opener at Mulhall's was these bags  made locally right down the street from me at Artifact Bags. So nicely crafted and beautifully appointed with a hefty price tag but...it's Christmas so...love them too. Artifactbags.com

I love these little guys. Nicholas got me and air plant ( Tillandsia) and a terrarium to place it in similar to the photo. So cool I had to buy another with a pink bloom at Mulhall's while we were there.

This year for my birthday Mackenzie took photos with her photography friend, Heidi,  in my studio while I was working. If that wasn't enough, it's what she did with the photos that impressed everyone.  She picked her favorites and went to Artifact Uprising and made a Layflat album of her dear old dad. How sweet is that?  Love love love!!!

Customizable design

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