Thursday, January 14, 2016

A New Year and some healthy eating...maybe

Haven't posted in a bit but cooking is hit and miss these days with both our work schedule and not having to have anything special at home because we are empty nesters.

The fridge broke so we had to clean it out to get it fixed and threw almost everything away. We now have a sparse fridge and ice again! Yay.

We made a special treat for New Year's as we had no plans and were entertained out. Brenda stopped by and picked up a huge lobster tail a little over a pound.  I cooked it by steaming first but it was so thick and  little under done down deep so I split it and broiled it the rest of the way. The sirloin I made was just so so. I put it in the sous vide way too late and it takes a good while to cook a steak in the sous vide. About 8 hours so...

I had a bag of frozen artichokes so we had that as a veggie and it was really quite good sauteed with some bread crumbs on top and then finished under the broiler. 

The next day at work afforded me some great left overs with a bunch of raw squash and zucchini to use as a side. Delish!. 


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