Saturday, January 16, 2016

Grinding Garam....

This week one of the fellows came back from India and, as promised, brought me spices. Some of the east Indian fellows are impressed that I attempt to cook Indian foods and am the proud owner of a masala daba or spice box. 
 So the raw materials look a lot like potpourri. Cinnamon bark, star anise, cardamom, pepper, mace, nutmegs, cumin and assorted unidentified bits.
It took a few grindings and screenings to get a fine spice powder and I will probably grind it once more before use but the house is redolent with smells of cinnamon and cloves and heady peppery spice. After this, the coffee grinder is now for spices only. 
I can't wait for and nice butter chicken or tiki masala. 

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