Tuesday, May 24, 2016


We have been off our feed a little bit lately so I haven't been cooking much and we eat a lot of leftovers when I do cook so I certainly don't cook as often.

Brenda had surgery to remove her gall bladder so she has not felt like eating much and some things disagree with her so we are treading carefully.

Still though we are keeping an eye out for recipes and great food, just less of it. The neighbors Jerry and Becki, brought over a light lemon pie after Brenda's surgery and that was a tasty treat. So light and refreshing. I don't eat  a lot of sweets though.

A few weeks ago we were in Vegas for the week as I attended a hospital business meeting. We had a great taste of Vegas and don't feel the need to head back anytime soon honestly. We ate at mostly local (cheap) places and avoided the big FoodTV  star places and the prices. Did a lot of walking till my knees complained bitterly and had to break the fast early as the meeting occurred during Holy Week, something I would consider hard and long before doing again as it dampened the whole experience for us this year.

Lately our life has been consumed with planting, worrying over rabbit infestation of my plantings and planting again. I had a Eureka! moment last night whilst searching for critter control devices. I am looking for the right materials to build the ultimate plant protectors to keep the rabbit at bay and still allow us to enjoy our hosta collection.

We did find a new Indian restaurant Kurry Xpress,  close to the house and went there Friday. The food was good but spicy and we decided this might be a better carry out place rather than sit down. The food was delicious although Brenda did remark she likes my Na'an a little better. Kurry Xpress is directly next to my favorite Indian grocer in town, Patel's so 2 birds with one stone for sure.

On the bright side of life, the Fangman's are coming to Omaha for a visit and I will have someone to cook for. Finally.

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