Friday, May 6, 2016

Wings and things

You know I love my wings and they are the thing I missed the most from the recent Lenten pilgrimage. Ah....wings. Crispy, flavorful and not fried. Roasted, not fired. I like to think it makes them 'healthy'. Ok so its a fantasy but how I love em.

I have been perfecting the cooking technique so I don't miss the oil drenched version by roasting them at 400 degrees, on non stick foil for about 20-30 minutes, pour off the grease then roll them over for another 10 or so. I dip them in homemade sauce and place back in the hot oven for about 10 minutes till the mahogany crust develops and they get a little char. Ben likes them dry, not juicy but I like them somewhere in between. I always mix the same combination ingredients in the sauce:

A knob of butter
a squirt of ketchup
a dollop of honey
a good swig of hot sauce (Valentina)
a dusting of Chipotle powder
garlic, about 3 cloves mashed
a good dose of Fish Sauce
Salt and adjust at will

Add anything in addition, Siracha? Soy Sauce? there are no rules here but be balanced and control the heat for your audience. You'll notice, I never cut them apart, just remove the tips. That way I get both my favorite part and the drummie.Makes for great eats.

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