Friday, October 14, 2016

Secrets Maroma Beach Resort, Mexico

So we veered off course this year and let ourselves be talked into a new place to go for our annual birthday pilgrimage.

We generally head to Cancun this time of year for a little R&R but this year we had trouble booking our usual spot so let our tourist agent talk us into a new spot. Not a new resort, just a new spot. I was never sure why we were so tied to Playa Mujeres but now I have the answers. 

The resort was quite nice and the beach was better than what we are used to. We did not do a swim out room and housed ourselves on the third floor with an 'Ocean View'  which of course consisted of a sliver of blue water over a lot of resort.  All the rooms are pretty much situated to get such a  view.

After checking in we got the hard sell for more vacation time and possible upgrades payable over a lifetime of visits to Secrets Resorts. Annoying.

We settled in and looked around. They lacked the large meeting space with a live band and bar. That made the evenings very long of just searching for anything to do before the shows began and they didn't start till close to 9:45 pm.  There was usually a duo singing in the lobby with little to no people there.

Our first night we ate at the buffet but it was only fair to be honest. There isn't quite the variety of restaurants to choose from that we are used to.  Most of the days were spent lounging at the pools which were very nice but not a lot of activity. We are kind of used to something going on. A "name that tune" contest, or a bunch of drunken groomsmen at the bar...something, anything.  Very quiet.

The food was just OK. I mean it's usually just Ok with the rare, I gotta go back for that, exception. The Blackened Sea Bass was actually barely brown Mahi. The shrimp were a little tough. Steaks were good.  A lot more up selling. Wine, dining experience, everything. I missed the room snacks we usually get at the other place and the double bed sized lanai. Here that was only available to the first class guests. It was all just a little off. Nice people, nice staff.  Clean place...just a little off.

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