Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Last BLT of the Season

As I sadly slice the last perfect tomato of the summer garden I reflect on the humble bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. I have selfishly enjoyed at least one a week since those juicy orbs turned fiery red as I cooked a few slices of bacon nearly every Saturday morning. Now I see my time nearly over, the rest of the not so perfect tomatoes will be roasted for soup.

A few short weeks ago, Serious Eats shared his BLT secret and I quickly adopted the technique as my own. After the bacon had rendered its smokey fat, he laid his sandwich bread down and toasted it golden in those heavenly drippings. It was life changing (and no doubt life taking if enjoyed too regularly).

Now I know what you all are thinking but my heart is fine and my cholesterol is lower than yours thanks to some amazing pharmaceuticals. I am not stupid and I drain 95% of the drippings out of the pan before laying 2 slices if Rotellas Twist bread into the hot skillet. Just enough to impart a heady crunch and the scent of bacon-y goodness to the sandwich.

Layered with mayo, crisp iceberg and that juicy red flavor bomb, I hear angels serenade. I have to confess that I have made these even without bacon, just the drippings. Almost a vegan experience except for the meat fat when I just crave that tomato and mayo combo with no bacon in sight (or on sale that week)

So there you have it, my confession of my weakest passion. The BLT, done my way.

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