Thursday, September 29, 2016

Old school....SOS

I shopped the other day and the Budig's Beef Lunch meat caught my eye. I usually use it for Chipped Beef and Gravy or SOS as we called it. Regular dried beef has more salt than anyone needs and its pricey.

While most serve this over toast, I serve it over mashed potatoes. This is comfort food after all.

I happened to have a few quarts of frozen potatoes that I processed last year after Brenda's Dad brought in a 5 gallon bucket of freshly dug red skin spuds. Too much to eat, I froze half of them and they lost absolutely nothing in the translation.  I am sure y'all know how to make chipped beef, here is how I do it.

Chipped Beef and Gravy

3 packages Budig Beef Lunchmeat (way less sodium than dried beef.)
2 T butter
2 T flour
Milk, cream or skim. I use a little cream and skim.
Salt and pepper to taste but taste first. The meat is salty.

Saute the meat in the butter till it gets a little color, add the flour and mix well. cooking the flour a bit. Flood the pan with milk and allow to thicken. Season.  Serve over a mound of mashed potatoes or a piece of toast. 

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