Thursday, September 15, 2016

Eating Omaha....R Tacos

Wow its been a while since we have had a new restaurant experience. Since Matt and Lori left Omaha we haven't found that perfect pairing to share these experiences so we are on our own from now on. The gals at work, Heather in particular, had pointed to this place as good eats and it was. R Taco is on 147th and Maple in Omaha and is part of a chain of restaurants.

R Taco - Omaha, NE, United States
Just a quickie place really, not formal at all, for a quick bite and a Margarita, if that's your thing.  The menu is simple, chips and salsa, queso and guac as well as a variety of hit and miss tacos.

Brenda tried the chicken fajita and brisket while I ventured into a fried chicken and pork taco. Set up like generous 'street' tacos, they came in a 4 inch corn tortilla (I will try flour next visit as I am not a huge corn tortilla fan unless it's fried). Everything was good, not remarkable but good except the fried chicken taco was a bit chewy and a little off putting.

We arrived before 6 so it was still 'happy hour' and had a Margarita normally $5 now $3.50.  I believe they are made in house as they did not have a mix taste to them but they were sweeter than I wanted them to be with fresh lime juice so it balanced out ok.  Overall we would stop again for a quick bite but I would not bring friends there for a lingering conversation.  I am anxious to try some of the combinations of flavors they offer and maybe just a traditional taco. The cost was spot on at $2.50 per taco so cheap eats. Who can argue with that?

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