Monday, September 19, 2016

Eating Omaha....Sunday Brunch at Louie's Wine Dive. Fail

Louie's Wine Dive

Brenda wanted to shake things up a bit and we researched the menu at Louie's Wine Dive for Brunch this past Sunday and made the decision to go there. What a nightmare. Bad service and forgotten items, no refills and an unusually long wait with no apology in sight. What?  Don't they want people to eat there?

Ben and Hannah were in town and we attended church then off to Louie's for a nice brunch meal. Not to be had.  We sat down and got water and coffee.  A few minutes later, order taken,  it was about 11:10.

No coffee refill until we asked around 11:40.

Waiting for the appetizer.  Waiter avoids looking at us.

Now 12:05 and Brenda asks another waiter where the food is.  Food arrives, cool to cold. No appetizer.

Crab cake entree does not appear to have any kind of substantial crab cake. Seriously? Terrible. Brenda's meal is cold. Mine is OK but not what I expected. A buttermilk chicken sandwich with honey but it's not fried?  What? It's grilled?  Fries were good.

Ben ordered the Maple wings but there were only 4 and a sausage gravy biscuit. He did not complain much.  No water refill till we finished the meal. Really?

All in all I cannot see going back there for brunch. Dinners are great there even happy hour was satisfying but this? This was nonsense for a hefty price tag too.

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