Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Labor of love.......

Monday was a lazy day for us. We slept in (till 7). Had a light breakfast and waited for stuff to open at 10. We took in a matinee at 10:40, a bit of shopping for nothing in particular and lunch at a new chain in the area "Freddy's". It was a good burger, very thin and crispy edges ala Culver's. Interesting shoestring fries and an odd pink sauce that was Ok.

For dinner I had taken out 2 flat irons in anticipation of someone showing up for dinner. I wasn't disappointed as both boys came over. Poor Mackenzie was working. We enjoyed the steaks with corn (some of which was inedible, terrible season) leftover stir fry, some freshly made crab rangoons and pot stickers with the leftover filling from Saturday. Effectively we cleaned out the fridge with a rather eclectic meal. All in all a good solid weekend of friends and family and great eats.

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