Monday, February 11, 2013

Eating Omaha...Tommy Colina's Kitchen

Tommy Colina’s Kitchen

Last week we met Mat and Lori at the 180th and Pacific Street location of Tommy Colina's Kitchen. The venue has been many, many things but successful was not one of them. This time though I think they might have hit it.

Mostly a burger and sandwich place with a large bar at the front, a vary casual and relaxed atmosphere in the dining room with a huge menu of sandwiches, wraps, soup and such. Happy hour had $2.50 beers and some treats from the menu at a reasonable price. On the weekends there is a brunch/ breakfast menu that looks mighty tasty too.

This night I had the Tijuana Taxi burger that touted a Jalapeno relish with bacon and pepper jack cheese. I skipped the egg but that might not have been a bad addition. The steak burger was cooked perfectly and juicy. I ordered onion rings as well. Brenda had ordered fries with her Baja Chicken Sandwich. (she saw the word guacamole and set her heart.)  Mat had ordered a wrap and substituted the meat without question. Lori's gonna kill me but I did not notice what she ordered but she seemed happy with it.  The service was friendly and prompt and the beer was cold. What more could you ask for?

We went again this past Friday and I had a Mushroom Burger and Brenda ordered Chicken fingers off the Happy Hour menu. She was very pleasantly surprised and I have to admit the tenders were quite tasty. My burger was fantastic. As juicy as before and delicious.  Great place,  very reasonable and very casual.

Sadly closed both locations Summer of 2013

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