Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lazy Night at Home....

Last night Brenda had to work late and I had chores to do. I had to make Prosphora for church this weekend and since I am in Dallas tomorrow, I made it to freeze for Sunday. Sunday is Ben's birthday and I usually make the bread for the kids around their birthday's.  While I was making dough I made a bit more of the last batch and set it aside for pizza.

I love making pizza but sometimes the results are less than stellar but last night was an exception. I picked some spinach and mushrooms at the market, a pound of Monterrey Jack and a can of Glen Muir diced tomatoes.  I decided I wanted a sparse sauce rather than the usual Contadina that I use and Brenda does not seem to care for. The sauce choice made all the difference. Fresh and delicious I have to remember to make it this way from now on.

I drained the tomatoes, and simply added some garlic, basil, a bit of Penzy's Pizza Spice, Red pepper flakes and pepper. A few glugs of olive oil and that's my sauce.

 I cooked the spinach quickly in a bit of olive oil and some chunky chopped garlic and sauteed the mushrooms till golden. It was great. I pre baked the crust as usual but docked it this time to prevent the large bubbles from forming in the center. I brushed it with olive oil and added some of the shredded jack cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach. More cheese on top with some mozarella added and a bit of Romano. Bake till bubbly. Great stuff.

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