Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First week of Lent...busy week

We had the pleasure of Father Nick Klodnicki coming to stay with us this past weekend while the weather threatened his drive from Lincoln. We had some great meals together, fantastic conversation and memorable company. He left on Monday after Annunciation services and we are sad to see him go. He will be back on Wednesday for Pre Sanctified Liturgy and probably Friday's Akathist hymns.

meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was able to complete another icon. This icon of St. Dorotheos was a challenge. I wanted it to look great for a special couple that commissioned it and I must have repainted the garments 3 times before being satisfied with the final result.

St. Dorotheos, June 5th.

I also made Prosphora this week for Pre Sanctified. I usually make a fresh loaf for every Wednesday service. This week some thing odd happened and I simply made too much dough. I knew it would rise over the pan so I placed a collar of parchment around the pan before the final rise. Well, rise it did to a full 4 inches over the top. I baked it as is and with the oven spring it made a loaf about 8 inches tall.

That is one whooping Prosphora!

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