Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Icons are us...

I have 8 commissions on the bench and for some reason I have been working furiously to finish the most pressing paintings. Several baptisms are looming on the horizon and I have to get the work done. Here are just 3, 2 are finished now. Just 6 more to go!

I am hating the wings on this guy so these photos give me a new perspective. Gonna have to repaint these spots that I don't care for,  The rest is OK. These are just 9 x 12 so they are still pretty small  for my aging eyes to deal with and the hotos reveal details from a new point of view. Justian is varnished so too late to change things for him. Pretty happy with Athanasios. So ready to varnish him in the next few days. I have a new commission for the Sts Michael and Gabriel so I see angelic hosts in my future.

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