Thursday, June 6, 2013

Creamy White Balsamic Dressing

LAst night was hectic again with Kenzie moving and painting so dinner was a throw together of grilled Large Shrimps and and easy salad. when we were at Coco's last week we had a Creamy Balsamic dressing that was sweet and very nice so I attempted to copy it. I was close but the recipe needs work

2 T White Balsamic Vinegar
1T mayo
1 t Dijon
2 t Preserves. I used Apricot, the recipe called for Orange Marmalade
2 T Oil
1/4 c cream
S & P to taste although I found the dressing salty already

We topped mixed greens and spinach with walnuts and Blue Cheese crumbles. Made a great salad. I may adjust things in the future.

The dressing I use for that raw broccoli salad with bacon, red onion and cashews is just Mayo, balsamic vinegar and sugar. That would be pretty good just as a salad dressing too. Hmmm....

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