Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Saturday turned out to be a nice afternoon and a wonderful evening even with an abrupt change in plans. After an afternoon Baptism we had planned a picnic at Stinson Park at Aksarben Village to hear BlueHouse play. Unbeknownst to us, the concert had been canceled due to a soggy lawn and we had a few folks ready to meet us there. A few quick text messgaes and calls redirected everyone back to our yard and a great evening of Mojitos (thanks Cindy) and various treats including 2 La Casa pizzas. We stayed up late and laughed and talked and finished a pitcher of Mojitos and several bottles of wine and beer.

Sunday was a lazy day with church and lunch and nothing much in particular going on. I am making ribs and all the fixin's. The kids are in various stages of work or sleep. Mackenzie and Ben stopped by for dinner. Brenda made Lemon Bars for dessert. I have a new keyboard for my tablet from the boys and a reason to spend money at Sur La Table from Mackenzie. The neighborhood is so quiet and peaceful, one of the reasons we moved here.

For some reason this year, I miss my Dad. He would always come out for a meal and loved my cooking. We would have probably had Feather Bones and such and they would be ready to go home about 6. He got sick pretty much as we moved into this house and had not been able to come out that much. My cousins were posting photos of their Dad who passed a few years back on Facebook and makes me miss them all the more.
Ah well, the sun is setting and Kenzie is headed to work, Ben is sacked out on the sofa and another minor holiday is come and gone. Leftovers are packed for the kids and I am already dreading whatever the day holds tomorrow at work.
Have a great evening all you readers.

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