Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Posting shortage

I got nothing. We are cooking but just ordinary things and nothing particularly new. Lots of small trips to the store and braving the cold weather.

Mackenzie sent me this photo after a session she had with Emily testing their skills in the odd light and wintry conditions of the day's snow storm. The picture is just fantastic and I have it as my screen saver at work.  It just makes my heart ache that our babies have grown into adults with their own lives and they gradually pull away from us. The time seemed to go so fast but seemed to last forever when they were little. Its amazing how they have prospered and developed careers. Mackenzie now a homeowner, Nicholas considering a move to Kansas to further his education in Anesthesia at KU. Benjamin trying to decide on a path within the scope of his career as a nurse. Realizing their dreams and making things happen and having the smarts to get it all done. Makes me want to start over and do it right this time but I am tired and feeling every year I have endured so far and looking forward to retirement that might never come.

We  decorated the mantle this year under the influence of Pinterest. Not sure how this little app has affected your life but it seems to dictate our style now, at least suggests things outside our wheel house.

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