Monday, December 23, 2013

Prepping for the weekend after Christmas

Now this does not usually happen to me but I had an epic fail last night. I was making stromboli's for the upcoming weekend. I had purchased pizza dough from Trader Joe's and planned to use it to make a few stromboli as well as the Rhodes Frozen Bread dough I had taken out of the freezer.

So my ambitious plan was to make a new stromboli with Italian sausage and salami and cheese. Sadly the dough was much less than  cooperative and the sandwich refused to roll up neatly and tore in several spots. Frustrated I simply threw it on a pan and baked it as is.  Tasty yet unsightly.

The second pizza dough fared better but I didn't roll it out so thinly and made a Muffletta stromboli with ham, cheese and green olives. Now this one looks pretty tasty.

Lastly, I had placed a beef roast in the crock pot before we left for church. A Yankee Pot Roast needs popovers or a Yorkshire pudding at least. I have a beautiful popover pan that I get a rare chance to use so I made popovers for dinner with the beef. Delish.


1 cup warm milk
2 eggs
2 T butter melted
1 t salt
1 cup AP flour

Preheat oven 400. Place popover pan in oven to heat with a teaspoon of butter in each pan.

Place warm milk, eggs and salt in a bowl and whisk till blended.  Add flour and butter, whisk till just combined. Pour into hot popover cups and bake for about 35-40 minutes.

Now, what to do with a leftover popover? They are dense and compact after a night in the fridge. Cut them in half, add a bit of butter and nuke them for 30 seconds. Kinda like scrambled eggs in a muffin. Tasty also.

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