Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Potluck Breasts

That title sounds so...nasty. In reality we are having a Potluck at work as we very frequently do and this time its for 'healthy' foods. We are making wraps so I volunteered to bring some meat in the form of turkey but not that deli stuff full of sodium and poison preservatives. I decided fresh meat would be best. Yay me?

It so happens that the local store had breasts for 79 cents a pound so I purchased 2  8 pounders, brined and roasted them rather quickly last night, sliced them thinly and it yielded about 10 pounds or better of cooked meat.  Just your basic brine of salt and sugar (hey, wait a minute, I suppose now they are full of sodium and sugar?) overnight with a bit of rosemary and peppercorns. So tasty (we had a bit last night)

Look at those perfectly crispy browned birds. No one to share them with but they are quite moist and tender and sliced beautifully. I packed them carefully in gallon bags and hauled them to work for the party. Lets hope everyone likes them.

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