Monday, March 17, 2014

Great Lent and eating.....or not eating

Our focus this year has really not been much about food as food is not the focus of Lent but it tends to shadow us a bit as we struggle to maintain our energy for the workday and be spiritual at the same time. Brenda calls it eating "junk" but by that she means healthy tidbits of what's in the fridge that includes a lot of shrimp, asparagus and veggies, humus and baba ganoush.  I have been making a real effort to eat healthy this Lent as well as maintain a low carb, Mediterranean diet as best I can.

Being meatless is hardly noticeable but it is hard not to fill up on carby foods as a substitute and you find yourself with a box of crackers or some other nonsense before you realize.

I bought about 20 pounds of shrimp at Wal-Mart because they had very large shrimp on sale for a very good price. I have boiled them, roasted them and will eventually saute them as I grow weary of the fare. I keep 2 pounds of boiled shrimps in the fridge for easy snacking. They practically have no calories and are low in fat. We also bought Cod which I have added to a large pot of gumbo (a little spicy for the older set, oops.) that went over well at Pre Sanctified liturgy. I also baked a loaf of Prosphora for the service. Its hard to keep that from going in my mouth too.

All in all we had almost finished the second week, I am losing a bit of weight or at least a inch or two around the middle, always a sign of a successful fast.  Time to get some serious recipes out and spice things up a bit so I see some dirty shrimp in our future as well as some pasta. We have been good so far in laying off the stuff but meals are getting tedious so...

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