Monday, July 28, 2014

My favorite things...lately

Vegetti spiral slicer. I know this seems gimmicky but in the post pasta, low carb era of our house, I love this little Veggetti gadget. It makes zucchini into perfect little spaghetti. I mix it with one serving of real pasta by adding  the cut zucchini to the boiling water when the pasta is almost ready. Tossed with your favorite sauce and well,  that's just good eats. It takes 2 medium zucchini to make 2 servings.$family$
All Clad Skillet. I found this 10 inch All Clad skillet  at TJ Maxx in the clearance aisle. I believe they normally run in the $100 or more range. They had several and I watched them keep marking it down until it became an irresistible buy at $28 or so. Now,  I cook with natural gas and I have grown weary of temporary, Teflon coated pans with questionable quality and short lives. I was hesitant about clean up here but so far, it has never been an issue and I use this for nearly everything. It is just a balanced wonder and cooks like a dream.

Fiber Gourmet Pasta. I know I posted this stuff before and I can only find it in one store here in Omaha, but it's the greatest, low calorie, very high fiber pasta product that does not seem to affect my fragile blood sugar that much and allows me the occasional indulgence. They are stocking it in several varieties now including lasagna noodles and fettuccine. I am in heaven. 

Allison House Dressing. We have been in a bit of a dressing rut lately and rediscovered this tasty treat. I am not sure if it is sold anywhere but here since it is made in Omaha, but its just so good.  We usually lightly dress our salad with this then follow it up with a smattering of our favorite Blue Cheese dressing.  Just to mix it up a bit. Great stuff.
OPA! Greek yogurt Dressing. We are and always have been Blue Cheese junkies and love this brand (Litehouse) and even more since they make a tasty,  lower calorie version of our favorite flavor and cheaper too! Bonus!

Cast Iron. Since I moved to a gas range, I started using cast iron and now I can't get enough of it. I have grill pans, pizza pans and griddles and I am always eyeballing a deep skillet for frying but I am not a huge fried food eater lest I be huge so it remains on the shelf every time I see it at the store. Long lasting, easy care, pretty much non stick, cheap and versatile. Whats not to love?

What is your favorite thing? What makes you happy to cook?

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