Saturday, September 20, 2014

Wild Ride in Kansas City

This was the first weekend since my surgery that we could go see the guys in their environment. Mixed weekend since both Ben and Mackenzie had worked nights and Nick was busy with his studies for tests this week.

Firstly, Mackenzie had some IKEA to do so the first order if business after a Church's Chicken lunch was hitting the new store. Wow. It was huge and took hours to walk thru. Parking wasn't too bad but we lucked out and got pretty close. They have shuttles running Saturday morning for the traffic volume is crazy.

After dropping off the boys we hit the Plaza for more Mackenzie shops like World Market, West Elm and Athleta. We also ran into the Art Fair which made downtown tough to maneuver but Mackenzie took the wheel and off we went. We walked the fair till dear old Dad couldn't walk anymore and headed back to gather the men and eat some dinner.

We stopped at Jack Stack's for burnt ends, ribs and sides. Great meal and plenty of food. We were all exhaustd and Nick had several chapters to read before bed so we left and headed to our hotel.

Up the next morning for Ben's favorite breakfast spot The Big Biscuit and had a hearty breakfast before hitting a liquor store (I know, don't ask.) Nick went back to his books and the rest of us headed to the outlet mall. Back to the apartment for a short nap and then off to D'Bronx for pizza before heading home. So much fun and great to see everyone in one place. That's not going to happen often anymore.

Kudos to Nicholas for focusing on his books no matter what is going on.  He is doing great in the program and we are so proud of him. Kudos to Mackenzie for driving part of the time and remaining patient with her annoying parents. Crazy shopping, crazy. Kudos to Benjamin as he always misses us and went along with us despite a lack of sleep. He was a trooper. Excited to head back again but probably not till after the first of the year.

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