Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First part of the Icon Project is Installed

It was a busy weekend at our house. Saturday I had the opportunity, with the help of John Birge and my lovely bride, to hang the first panel of icons at the church.
Discussing the merits hanging canvas. The 2 icons in the background are also mine.
Final touch ups

The installed project
The second half awaiting transfer

So what's next? After I transfer the rough sketches to the canvas, I will create the final outline with a brush and brown/black paint adding some shading in as I go. From there I will begin the laborious process of coloring in the 'proplasmos' or base layers then large detail then finally small detail. The last panel took a good 3 or 4 months to complete. Since most of the research is finished on this piece, I can begin to paint. Finding several prototypes and then cherry picking the best features from all of them is just a part of the process but takes a while. I may have 5 or 10 downloads of the same saint, looking for common features and unique details I can incorporate.

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