Monday, May 18, 2015

KC weekend

We had a busy few hours to spend with our favorite men this weekend sampling the local BBQ as well as a very robust Farmer's Market. Of course we had to hit the local IKEA to pick up Mackenzie's order as well as a few odds and ends for ourselves.

The Q39 BBQ stop was a good choice. Lots of tasty, albeit pricey, choices for tender smoked meats and unusual sides. The burnt ends was by far the best of the lot. This was not the place we had planned on going but Nicholas has great taste and directed us here, off the beaten path yet quite busy. Graduation weekend has caused a lot of celebration in town for sure. We saw a few wedding parties and just a bustling great time.

The Farmers Market in the River Market District was fantastic and loaded with deals and great places to eat. I even found my elusive Mediterranean spice I was looking for. The spice stores are well appointed for sure.  We left early right after breakfast but way too early for the Outlet Mall so, all our treasured finds in tow,  we came home.

We stopped in Omaha at the Dollar Store and bought 3 packages of clear plastic forks. Not sure if this works or I am just imagining things, but I have been positioning the forks, prong sides up, to deter garden nibblers. So far so good around the larger plants who can't wear one of our fashionable hats. I now have hundreds of forks menacingly guarding the garden against invasion. Crazy huh?  It has worked better that cayenne pepper or any of the other methods I have tried. The rabbits have been particularly active this year eating things they normally would leave be like my irises, coreopsis and Joe Pye Weed. My more showy plants are being spared.

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