Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Fail

Nick was in town Sunday so he showed with Jill and we had a nice brunch planned. Caramel Pecan Rolls, Egg Benedict and breakfast meats. Sadly I thought I could use the Sous Vide for the eggs instead our usual fail proof method on the 6 and a half minute boil. In the future, stick to the tried and true methods. What we got instead of soft boiled was a jelled yolk. Not much fun there.

Ben and Mackenzie were working so most of the rest of the day it was just Brenda and I. Rainy and a little nippy, there was not much to do. A fruitless search for our favorite trailer for our pots was frustrating but we did find our pond plants at a local garden spot. Just not much out there. Last few years we found our huge ferns at Sam's Club but this year nothing. Funny how you get used to something and just nothing else will do.

Busy regrouping now for the rest of the week and what lies ahead.

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