Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend in DesMoines

We were supposed to discuss our upcoming vacation to Maine but Matt's job denied his vacation so it looks like just you and me darling.

We went to DesMoines on Friday at the Fangman's request to spend a little extra time (I know, who knew? I thought I was a pain in the a$$ but they like me, they really like me!)  We got there mid Friday evening to cocktails and snacks and Matt's sister and brother in law were there along with the 3 boys. So nice to see the McEntees and all the fellas.

The Fangman's have a way of making us feel like family literally and we were greeted with this:

The weekend was relaxed with a trip to West End Architectural Salvage in downtown DesMoines.  we spent the morning browsing 4 floors of junk and treasures then off to a late lunch.  Lori cooked a nice meal and invited the McEntees to join us. Lots of laughter and way too much information then up for a lovely Sunday breakfast and back to Omaha.

I'm gonna miss them in Maine....

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