Friday, July 15, 2016

Old Friends....

Last night, Brenda and I  had assumed our usual position in the backyard in our comfortable chairs listening to the same old playlist and marveling at the peace and quiet of the neighborhood despite the new kids who have moved into the neighborhood.

A couple of fellows appeared at the side gate, waving. Turns out my old friend Steve was in town who met my other old friend, Steve and the decided to look me up. I can't tell you the last time I was more pleasantly surprised

We talked for hours (or did I talk for hours?) and reminisced about our school days as we all attended the UNO Fine Arts program in the 70's together, sharing studio space and our lives with each other.

Stephen Cornelius Roberts is a famous guy. He painted the state capitol dome and has a ton of work out and about and a great public figure and fantastic painter. Steve Bendy (Bendykowski) is also a  great painter but lives in Des Moines.  We lost touch when he left school but have caught up a bit since.Bendy drove a cool little car, introduced me to Steely Dan and the Guess Who and his lovely bride cut my hair.

I cannot tell you how fun this gathering was and how much more I need to learn about my long lost friends.
I am so excited to think about meeting up again!

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