Sunday, January 8, 2012

Eating Omaha one weekend at a time...

Our friends, Mat and Lori and us decided the New Year is an opportunity to try all those fabulous Omaha eateries we never quite seem to get around to. Our first foray into the Omaha restaurant pool was Mark's Bistro in Dundee.

There are no reservations for a party our size so we took our chances. As I suspected there was a long wait but the hostess told us they could set up a table for 4 upstairs. Private and exclusive we took the challenge. The service was great (I felt a bit sorry for the poor waitress who had to climb those stairs a few time to serve us.) The regular menu is a bit light but the special sounded good for the night  (I KNOW....never order the special) so against better judgement I ordered the Veal Chops.

For starters we had the Tomato Con fit and Cheese Plate. Both were great served with generous helpings of bread and the Na an or Pita that was served with the Con fit was very tasty. They have a corking fee if you bring a wine not on the menu. A great way to save a buck or two.

The main course for all of us was a bit of a disappointment. Mat and I ordered the Veal which was under seasoned and not as caramelized as I would have liked. Lori's Salmon was OK and Brenda ordered a salad. Overall and OK experience. I would be willing to try once more, the others I am not so sure.

We have a long list to go and I hope for the best.

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