Saturday, January 7, 2012

Iconographical Progression

I layed in the "proplasmos" and the first layer of "sankir"  to the basic drawing. Basically I have painted the base coats before the highlights begin. I changed my mind a bit about the red and made it darker as well as the maphorion which is almost purplish. Trying to decide if I want to just do all the lines in assiste (gold) and paint them in. The paint is still wet on the arm and hand which is why it looks a bit lighter. I think the Christ head is in a peculiar position on this particular protoype but it all seems to work compositionally. This model is called "Pelegonitissa" Mother of Tenderness. The Child in a playful position while the Virgin looks deeply sad.

After this I will make sure the drawing matches up and make any corrections that I may have colored outside the lines a bit. I will bring the flesh tones up in the next few sessions, essentially finishing the faces and hand before I work on the garments too much.

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