Saturday, May 19, 2012

Eating Omaha....Piccolo's

We are hitting some really old standards these next few months starting with a Omaha favorite...Piccolo's Steak House. A classic Omaha restaurant in South Omaha it has been a standard of the city for years. Part of a large Italian family of restaurateurs, it is huge, has a regular Saturday crowd and offers a side of pasta with every meal (as a vegetable).

I had read a lot of reviews online before we dined on Saturday and was a bit disappointed that the "Warren" groupies were generally disappointed in Piccolo's, generally known in the Bershire Hathaway circle as one of Warren Buffet's favorite eateries. Not sure what folks expected. Yes, the interior is a bit dated and the decor is a tiny bit schmaltzy but where on God's green earth can you find a perfectly cooked 16 oz New York cut for $21? This place was great. Great service, nice people, casual atmosphere and fair price. The four of us drank a beer and ate steak dinners for about $45 per couple. Crazy good.

The ladies had the special Bacon wrapped Fillet (6oz) for $15.95 while the boys dined on the New York cut for $21. The sides were baked potatoes or hash browns, green beans or pasta and a small dinner salad with house dressing. It was great, all of it. The steak was nicely trimmed, not a iota to waste cooked a perfect medium. The service was right on the ball if maybe a bit too fast as we we in and out in about 45 minutes. Nice size crowd for a Saturday they must do a brisk business.  Four thumbs up from this group. We'll be back for sure.

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