Monday, May 14, 2012

Graduations abound......

I have a family of scholars this year. Brenda became certified in her field of Peri Anesthesia Nursing, Ben obtained his BSN and Mackenzie completed her Masters for a APRN in NICU (tough course work) This called for a major celebration for sure and celebrate we did.

The kids called the shots. Since we have a Mediterranean obsession, the food was Greek in theme with chicken and tzatiki, feta and kalamatas. An assortment of flat breads and few other favorites like Brenda's avocado- black bean salsa and chicken wings. No matter how many pounds of wings I make, they disappear in a heartbeat. Crazy.  We had a lot of food and wine and I had an expertly made Dirty Vodka Martini that Nick made for me.  Good friends came over although less than I expected so we have some major leftovers.

I grilled about 10 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken after brining for a few hours then cut it into chunks and strips. I dressed it with lemon juice, olive oil and a hefty dose of garlic and oregano for a decidedly Greek influence.

Tzatiki is just a mix of sour cream and yogurt with shredded cukes and garlic, dill and a drizzle of olive oil. So nice and fresh tasting with the chicken. A beautiful salad of greens topped with olives, feta, cukes, tomatoes and red onion completed the major food stuffs.  Ben insisted on Honey Chipotle wings. I roasted about 10 pounds and covered them in the sauce and then roasted them again for 15 minutes. They had a nice zing to them from the Chipotle powder.

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