Saturday, May 5, 2012

Man Pleasing Chicken...we'll see about that

So today I was up early and had taken advantage of an artichoke sale a week ago. I decided to stuff hem and the process, cleaning and rest of the making seems so tedious I am glad its over and they are in the fridge for dinner tonight. Not doing that again for a while.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch I ran across an interesting premise on Pinterest for Man Pleasing Chicken. So simple yet could it live up to it's title. Well,  I was out of milk so while at the grocery I also picked up some chicken thighs and breasts for my non dark meat eating wife.

Here is what the dish is supposed to look like courtesy of "Witty in the City" blog

She does a better job than I of telling the story so retrieve the recipe and lets check this bad boy out. Mine is in the fridge marinating as we speak. It's only 9 am here folks. I told you I got early. The recipe does not call for it to marinate but.....what the heck.

5-10-12  Okay. I have to admit this was pretty good. Not as described in the article but I would make this again. It needs a bit of salt but the chicken was great and it was tasty and easy to make and while this photo is from the website, mine looked very similar.  Just a warning that the sauce gets a bit thin as the chicken juices run.

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