Tuesday, April 24, 2012

That darlin' Corned Beef....A Reuben to be proud of.

Hmmmm....one of my favorite lines from 'Lady and the Tramp'. Since Lent is always on at St. Patrick's Day I always miss the corned beef. I usually buy a nice one on clearance after the holiday and everyone else has had their fill. Last night I took it out of the deep freeze for a spin in the crock pot today.
Wow. So tender and delicious. I am cooking them this way always now.  I threw a pound of Brussels sprouts in the last hour just for good measure (like tiny cabbages). They were also tender and delicious but I had other plans. On the way home from work I stopped by the market for a bit of Swiss and sauerkraut and a loaf of marble rye. I, as I always do, forgot the dressing. A quick Internet search showed me how it is to make a bit of Thousand Island. So much better than letting the major portion of a bottle go to waste.
Sliced, tender corned beef
Grilling to perfection
So first the Dressing:

mix 1/2 cup of mayo
2-3 T ketchup (I used a Tbl of Trader Joe's seafood sauce too)
2 T chopped pickles ( I used Famous Dave's sweet hot pickles)
1 T shallot chopped

Then of course you assemble the sandwiches for the grill. I mixed the dressing and kraut together and lined each side of the bread with extra thin sliced Swiss before piling on a hefty portion of the corned beef. Grill till toasty brown in butter of course!

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